Three Left Feet

Anna Callahan

Anna Callahan, Matthew Glidden, Marilee Annereau, PJ Barry

Romantic Comedy

Plot Summary:
Johnny "Twinkle Toes" Withers was known as a dance star when he was a boy. Little does his new-found love know, but all the dancing was done by a body-double. Antics ensue when he brings his body-double on their first date.

Aaron Kniess ...Johnny Withers
Anna Callahan ...Violet
Matthew Glidden ...Christian
Marilee Annereau ...Violet's friend

Runtime: 7min 59s

Country: USA

Language: English

Thanks to:
Rebecca Tapley & Steve Mulder; Elizabeth & Matthew Miller; and the Watertown Armenian Church for locations.

Molly Flannery, Gary Fieldman, and Jon Chase (Jon Chase Productions) for the film score.